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Energy Education

We have educational programs available for any group or school who would like to take advantage of free material for businesses, students or the community.

All educational programs are free and can be tailored for almost any audience.

National Theatre for Children

Every year, we sponsor numerous live theatre shows presented by the Minneapolis-based National Theatre for Children! (NTC). NTC tours the United States presenting lively, interactive educational half-hour shows. NTC dedicates itself to educating young people on important and timely energy-related topics. Coined with printed curriculum materials and teacher guides, these imaginative and customized presentations effectively reach the students, teachers, and parents. NTC is offered to all schools each year at no cost.

Telling kids to turn off lights and unplug unused devices only goes so far. To help get the message across, Westby Electric and Water Utility and WPPI Energy sponsored a live performance from National Theatre for Children of “Showdown at Conservation Canyon” at Westby Elementary School on January 16th.

The show tells the tale of Dodge Ball City Sheriff Carrie Gooper of Dodge Ball City. Not only are people wasting energy all over Carrie’s town, but she’s also been challenged to a high-noon showdown with the leader of the notorious Cons Gang.  Carrie enlists the help of her friends and students in the audience to back her up and get to the bottom of this dilemma. As they do, they’ll learn about how electricity is made and ways to use it wisely. The 25-minute, high energy show features two professional actors who each play a variety of roles.

Pedal Power

Pedal Power is a bicycle-powered generator that teaches basic scientific concepts related to the conversion of energy from one form to another and demonstrates the energy needed to power incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs, in addition to a hair dryer or radio.  These concepts become tangible as the cyclist literally feels the effort required to power these items and the importance of conserving energy.


This tabletop demonstration is designed to alert the audience to the dangers of high voltage electricity (outdoors) and how to stay safe. The eight-foot PowerTOWN model makes a lasting impression at safety presentations. The crackle of a high voltage electrical arc reinforces electrical safety messages that school-age audiences will not soon forget.

Watts Up! Meter

A Watts Up! meter is available for loan to Westby Utilities customers from the public library. It measures voltage, amperage and the cost of appliances or other equipment operating at 110 VAC (e.g. refrigerators, televisions, etc.). You can find out how much energy your appliances are costing you, or compare your current appliances to new energy efficient models.


If you are interested in any of these programs, call our office to schedule! We'd love to help!