Is there Flouride in Westby's Water?

No. Flouride is an additive not found in Westby's Water.

Is there Chlorine in Westby's Water?

Yes. All municipalities are REQUIRED to add safe levels or Chlorine to drinking water. This helps control the possible growth of bacteria, viruses, or disease causing pathogins that may be found in water supply reservoirs, the walls of mains or storage tanks. 

How can I tell if I have "hard water ?"

Hard water is measured based on Iron in the water. You can see our Water Quality Report for Iron levels. You can also find a hard water kit at most hardware stores. 

What is the main cause of a sudden water use increase?

An undetected toilet leak in your home is the most common reason for a sudden water use increase. Sometimes silent, undetected leaks can raise your usage and cost by double or TRIPLE!

Water Saving Tips

When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can make a big impact.  The American Water Works Association recommends the following steps to help conserve water. Download PDF