Garbage and Recycling

We provide our customers with a garbage and recycling program owned and operated by the City of Westby Sanitation Department. Being one of the last municipally owned garbage services in the area, we take pride in the small town, environmentally friendly service we can provide to our friends and neighbors.  We do not have a City dump site for garbage or recycling, however, we work with the Vernon County Landfill for our City's disposal needs. 

Please see the pick up schedule specific to our town:

 North Side Schedule:

Garbage- Every Wednesday

Recycled Paper-2nd Wednesday of the Month

Plastics-2nd Friday of the Month

Glass/Alum/Tin-4th Friday of the Month (must be in separate containers)

 South Side Schedule:

Garbage- Every Tuesday

Recycled Paper-1st Wednesday of the Month

Plastics-1st Friday of the Month

Glass/Alum/Tin-3rd Friday of the Month (must be in separate containers)

* Which side of State Street you live on determines whether you are considered "North" or "South." 

North= towards Coon Valley

South= towards Viroqua

** Schedule may change due to Holidays. For changes and updates please see the Monthly Newsletter.**


Dumpsters: The City of Westby offers 3 YD dumpsters to rent. A $25.00 drop fee is required first. This guarantees the use of a dumpster for 7 days. You are then billed $0.07 cents per pound as well. 

See additional Rules and Regulations