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Voting and Elections

November 3, 2020 Election Results


Westby Area School District Referendum

Question Number 1

Shall the Westby Area School District, Vernon, La Crosse and Monroe Counties, WIsconsin be authorized to exceed the revenue limit specified in Section 121.91, Wisconsin Statutes, by $1,200,000 for the 2021-2022 school year, by $1,500,000 for the 2022-2023 school year and by $1,800,000 for the 2023-2024 school year for non-recurring purposes to sustain educational programs and to operate the District?

Yes: 810

No: 414

Question Number 2

Shall the Westby Area School District, Vernon, La Crosse and Monroe Counties, Wisconsin be authorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $11,950,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of a District-wide school facility improvement project consisting of: safety, security and site improvements, including secure entrances; ADA accessibility updates; building infrastructure and capital maintenance improvements; renovations for career and technical education and an addition for a greenhouse at the High School; and acquisition of related equipment?

Yes: 821

No: 396


Partisan Office

President/Vice President

Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris: 650

Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence: 581

Don Blankenship/William Mohr: 3

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Spike Cohen: 17

Brian Caroll/Amar Patel: 0

Write-in: 1

Representative in Congress

District 3

Ron Kind: 723

Derrick Van Orden: 527

Write-in: 2

State Senator

Brad Pfaff: 618

Dan Kapanke: 636

Write-in: 2

Representative to the Assembly District 96

Josefine Jaynes: 612

Loren Oldenburg: 633

Write-in: 1

District Attorney

Timothy J. Gaskell: 1,039

Write-in: 12

County Clerk

Jody Audetat: 761

Alicia Leinberger: 432

Write-in: 1

County Treasurer

Karen Delap: 779

Diane McGinnis: 410

Write-in: 3

Register of Deeds

Marilyn Hauge: 1,060

Write-in: 13


Outstanding Provisionals: 0



Elections are held in the Westby Community Room, 206 N. Main St. Westby, located in the lower level of Bekkum Memorial Library. Parking and entry for the Community Room are located at the back of Bekkum Memorial Library.

For questions about elections and voter registration, please contact: Roxy Wedwick, City Clerk, at 608-634-3214.

Community Room

What do you need to Register to Vote?

City Residents that would like to Register to vote will need the following materials:

  • Valid Photo I.D.
  • Proof of Residence
  • Voter Registration Form



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